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If you are one of the tens of thousands frustrated with your lack of muscle mass development, you are about to become enlightened.

I'm a genetically average, typical "Hardgainer" who finally learned how to make some rather dramatic gains. If you're anything at all like me, you've probably searched high and low for the secrets to natural bodybuilding training to help you reach your goals.

Does this sound like you?:

Get little to no results from your exercise programs?

Spent hundreds of dollars and wasted loads oftime and effort, all to make sub-optimal gains in the gym?

Think you may never build a muscular body?

Well then you're a "Hardgainer", and you've come to the right place!

Stop wasting time following the wrong advice or routines and let me show you how to reach your real potential...

Muscle Express! is a comprehensive bodybuilding workout program, specifically designed to dramatically increase your muscle mass.

Today, many individuals strive to make significant gains in muscle mass, and density, to helpimprove their appearances, and to boost self confidence. Unfortunately however, many of these individuals often trainincorrectly, and ultimately experience slow, or poor results from their efforts.

Perhaps worst of all, many frustrated individuals often resort to using artificialenhancements, (steroids), to augment muscular growth, when all else fails; jeopardizingtheir health, and exposing themselves to potentially severe legal issues, aswell.

Muscle Express! addresses these, and a multitude of additional mass building concerns (asdescribed below).

Muscle Express! is based on over 20 years of natural bodybuilding training experience; havingutilized innumerable training techniques, and resources. Learnfrom the mistakes, and misconceptions of others. Save yourselfyears of frustration, wasted effort, and money, and avoidpossible injuries from improper training.

Stop wasting your valuable time in the gym with little to show for it. Muscle Express! can help you achieve gains in lean muscle mass not possible before. You will learn to listen to your body, and avoidovertraing and undertraining.

Muscle Express! maximizes the utilization of your body's adaptive energies, thuspermitting Hypertrophy (muscle Growth) optimization.

Truly the most practical, andeffective bodybuilding system ever designed!

Muscle Express! also dispels many of the myths associatedwith natural bodybuilding training, and nutrition; specifically regarding "HypeProducts". Before you waste another dime on the latest rave, get thisprogram, and save yourself a bundle.

Muscle Express! - A New Way of Training..... A New Way of Thinking!

Muscle Express! natural bodybuilding routine provides a new type of stimulus for massive muscle growth. Innovative and cutting-edge, we've seen remarkable gains from it. This program is an extremely effective growth hormone stimulator and packs on mass, strength and power faster than you would've ever thought possible!

Get on the Muscle Express! Program now, for less than the cost of a bottle of the latest supplement, and getwell on your way toward increasing your muscle mass naturally!

What You Will Get:

Muscle Express! Manual eBook includes - history of the author, application of theories, full trainingregimen, all natural bodybuilding workout factors such as how many exercises, exercise form, rest between sets, how can you tell which is the best rep range to use, how much weight to use, how many sets, when to add weight, how much weight to add, how long and how often to workout, the importance of a training journal, nutritional support program and supplement tips.

This manual will show you the secrets to natural bodybuilding, such as...

  • What really makes muscles grow?
  • Intensity and volume, how much is enough?
  • The real solution to the problem of getting stronger but not getting bigger.
  • How to vary natural bodybuilding workout routines to continue to make big gains.
  • How to gain incredible power & size...FAST!
  • How to create a natural anabolic state.
  • How to use hardcore shock techniques for accelerated growth.
  • Exercise descriptions & video demonstrations.
  • The best mental and motivational training.
  • How to eat for maximum muscle mass and body weight gains.
  • A special diet for building muscle while losing fat.
  • How to really track your muscle building and/or fat loss Progress.
  • The best bodybuilding supplement stacks for muscle building and fat burning.
  • And many more natural bodybuilding secrets and natural bodybuilding workout techniques.
Get ready to sky rocket your muscle gains when you start this program!

Also if you order right away you will get the following Free Bonuses:


A Secret To Gain Up To An Inch On your Upper Arms In Only 30 days!


How To Gain At Least 4 Pounds In One Month, With This Rediscovered Natural Weight Gain Trick!


You need lots of protein to make big gains and just to make sure that you keep some variety in your protein drinks, we are including fourteen tasty recipes for protein drinks that you can mix up quickly and easily in your blender. Delicious natural shake recipes, calorie dense to assist in anabolic recovery. Also high performance pre-workout drink formulas, to power you through your training.


How To Cycle Your Diet And Training For Out Of This World Results!


How To Gain Up To 29 Pounds In One Month With This Super Growth Exercise!


The Jealously-Guarded Secret To Muscle Hypertrophy!


FitBody Software allows you to keep track of your nutritional, fitness, and wellness records. By adding foods to meals throughout the day, FitBody compares the nutritional intake against one of ten user defined diet plans. The results are displayed in an interactive food label or on a bar graph display. Nutritional analysis can be performed on a meal, a day's meals, or over a specified period of time. FitBody also keeps track of your workout program by logging your exercises and charting your progress. Similar functionality is available in the wellness module which allows you to log your, blood pressure, cholesterol, recovery, etc.

And that's not all, In fact...

I offer a NO RISK, 100% Unconditional Guarantee that it will work. This way youcan order without feeling like this is an internet scam. I guarantee you will learn the secrets to natural bodybuilding and see significant and tangible results, if you adhereto the natural bodybuilding routine exercise and diet plans in the book for just 30 straight days.You will learn what most people never will. However, if you disagree anddecide upon a refund you will get it. But you do have to try the system for the full30 days first, and provide proof (training and diet journals) that you gave it an honest try.

The Muscle Express! Manual is an PDF eBook, also known as a digital book and there is no shipping charge because you download it instantly after you order! You then have the option of printing it out on your computer printer. You will get the ebook and all bonuses, available now for a limited time for only $27.00!

The Muscle Express! eBook Only $27.00
You will be sent the download information by e-mail within 24 hours!
It only takes a few minutes to order and then you'll be on your way to you're new body!

P.S. Are you really ready try this natural bodybuilding workout and Turbo Charge your muscle mass gains? Why waste any more time? Order your Muscle Express! System now and also get all 7 FREE bonuses! Get going toward building the muscle mass you crave, order now!

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