Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select Tennessee Whiskey Review (2023)


The Whiskey Crusaders review Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select Tennessee Whiskey comes in at 90 proof. It was created to honor Frank Sinatra who loved Old No 7. Jackie Gleason supposedly introduced Sinatra to Jack Daniel’s at Toot Shor’s bar in New York in the early 1950’s. In 1955 Frank was up on stage and said “Ladies and gentlemen, this is Jack Daniel’s, and it’s the nectar of the gods.” Sales went from 150k to 300k in a year after this. One of the first celebrity endorsements of whiskey. Frank would hang a JD flag from his Palm Springs home when he was having a party to let guests know it was time for a fun time. He even created a private Jack Daniels Country Club and designed a crest for it. He was loved Jack Daniel’s so much that he was buried with a bottle of Old No. 7 in 1998. In 2013 Jeff Arnett the Master Distiller for JD at the time worked with the Sinatra family to create this version of JD. It was their first experimental in years. It was bumped up to 90 proof to be like what Frank drank back in the day but then after going through the usual Lincoln Country process with the standard JD mash bill of 80% corn 12% barley and 8% rye but have special Sinatra barrels that are grooved to expose more wood and toasted barrel along with charred and uncharred because of this grooving process. It is also aged an extra year over standard JD.

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Hello, hello, welcome on into another episode of The Whiskey Crusaders I'm will I'm Sarah and I'm Matt on today's episode.

We're talking about another Jack Daniels product.

This is the Sinatra release, be sure to hit that like And, subscribe button and click that notification Bell Matt I can't say that I have ever heard of the Sinatra release.

Yeah I, don't see I'm super awesome.

But yes, this is the jack Gino Sinatra select it's a cool 375 or they do make a 750.

But it's it's stupid.

It's been the 750s like 160 170, but they had it in the 375 app with this a single barrel and a Gentleman Jack for like 80.

I'm like I'll.

Take this one.

This is a better deal, so we got that one.

Oh three, four years ago, something like that picked it up, but uh Andy had asked us.

It was sitting on the bar there for a while, and he asked us to review.

I was like yeah, we'll review.

It sure why not you, you send us lots of fun art bags.

That's the least we can do is review this uh Sinatra select for you.

So, let's see what it is, it's 45 it was created to honor Frank sinter, who was a huge fan of the old number seven apparently Jackie Gleason supposedly introduced thanks natra two Jack Jones at the two Shore bar in New York in the 1950s in 1955.

He was on the stage, ladies and gentlemen, this is the nectares of gods at that point in time, theirselves about 150 000 by the following is about 300 000, just because of Frank Sinatra liking.

It so much and he was racing unofficial, official Ambassador for them and just went around and talked about Jack Johnson how much he liked it was always drinking it constantly.

But you know that's a great thing, but that's kind of what he did so he in fact he'd have huge parties.

He would hang a huge Jack Daniels flag over his Palm Springs home and let everyone know it was party time at his house.

So that was no.

The party was coming.

It's like, okay, so he's a wild man, not that anyone didn't know that.

But you know it's good for him.

In fact he loved it so much.

He was buried with the ball of it in 1998 in his casket.

That's how much he loves that until so, in 2013 Jefferson, who was a master seller at the time for diagnosed, went to the doctor found says: hey we like to create a a uh, a whiskey just for your father.

Fellows are not just select, I said okay, so they took back up to 45 proof because at the time when he was drinking was 45.

Now, of course it's 80.

uh, and so it's at 90 now for him and they use these special uh wave staves, basically inside the barrels, so you get extra, charring and toasting and then the grooves in the barrel, so you'll extra fun there.

Of course, it's regal and Nashville 80 corn, 12 malts of barley, eight Rye, which is the only difference, is these special things.

They also age it for an extra year.

So, let's see what we think of this uh Frank Sinatra, select, no I will say that I probably haven't seen it, because I really only go to Jack Daniel's single barrel barrel, proof and right move on Valerie's, speaking of which I hope we have that review coming up soon in the next couple weeks.

We will do that.

One for sure also I I think the next tasting that we have at your house.

We need to hang a flag outside there.

You go hard, big contact us later flag made I'm, sorry Matt, oh God, it's so painful, I'm! Sorry, it's okay, but I mean seriously.

We can get a whiskey Crusaders flag made when the flag is flying the Whiskey's flowing.

It's not a terrible plan.

Actually, oh it's every day for math.

It's always good.

This smells smells Pleasant, pretty nice yeah.

It's got that you know typical Maple charcoal banana Maple candies, but it's got that just that little bit of that Spike.

That of that proof that I'm liking yeah I, like that laffy taffy, toffee, vanilla, custard.

For me, the rice box kind of shines through a little bit as well.

I still don't get banana.

Are you people who get the banana on the Jack? Daniels I, don't know where you're getting it from, but I don't get banana I said: I get the Run spin in I.

Get the candy fake banana candied fake banana.

A lot of people get banana.

Bread I could absolutely get behind banana bread, even though for sure, even with those walnuts in there I can get behind the walnuts, the nuttiness of it and even the the doughiness of Readiness.

But the banana part is where yeah it's, because there's like creme brulee, honey, butterscotch, raisin mango marshmallow, even yeah, it's just it's very nice.

It is nice and complex.

Jack, Daniels and I really enjoy the nosal nuts.

Quite nice yeah, look at the legs on that too.

I get a fun little leather and Oak spice.

Well those extra that extra staves yeah, all the extra Oak in there sure you said you wavy staves yeah they grow they take it cut like though they put grooves in it.

So you've got your regular barrel and then you Groove down with a drill.

So now you've got extra Oak kind of like this coke in there and toastedness from the Char and the unchart when you're grooving through it so interesting, awesome, I'm, gonna, drink, oh okay, Pleasant, Pleasant, easy sipping, yeah banana nut Bread's, like the first big note, one of the not for me one of the things that you listed before marshmallow and it's a toasted marshmallow yeah right up front for me: yeah Maple, candy, caramel, vanilla, honey, Orange, uh, milk, chocolate, it's like it's like! No chocolate has been sitting around for like that.

You know you like left it out like last year's milk chocolate and you found it and your kid forgot to eat it kind of like that.

Like white dustiness yeah, what are the white weird dustes on there you're like I, don't know what this doesn't taste: great cold, chocolate dust, the old chocolate dust yeah under that yeah.

That's so for me it's one of those I really enjoy it, but I really hate it for a couple of different reasons.

For me, this is just a really nice and solid representation of bourbon.

This is this is Buffalo Trace.

This is um, it's not, you know, I get it, but this is wild turkey.

You know 10 years ago, um it it's nice and it's solid and it's a good representation of bourbon I, don't think it's incredibly expensive, uh tasting I, don't know that it's expensive because the name on it and they're in the Rarity of it I'm sure and the Rarity of it, because right right, it'll make that much single barrels and whatnot is leaning more towards the 40 so Weasley, oh, my goodness, yeah.

These are their first special edition that they put out in a long time.

It was a new product from I guess 1988 when they put Jack Daniel's uh Gentleman Jack out, and it was their first experimental.

Was this one right? It's not because throughout we've had the last several years of different Expo, which really appreciate them, because they've done a really nice job, their experimentals, the last several years.

That's a crazy kitty! Hello! Weasley he's going crazy over there sharpened my murder mittens, that's right! Oh yeah, yeah, no Daddy how's it going no Daddy I! Don't like it! You don't like it.

I, like it I I, enjoy it I, just don't I, don't yeah I agree with you, I like it, but I, don't think it's a hundred and sixty dollars good.

If you paid yeah, I, wouldn't search it out, I mean if they maybe had it for a decent price at a bar, but yeah yeah I want to try certainly worth trying yeah, especially if you're a fan of Jack Daniel's number seven, if that's your drink, if that, if you drink that, you know it'd be worth having it for that, you would absolutely having the nice expression of what it used to be like, essentially or if yeah, oh, my goodness, Weasley it's getting the one up there internet best, [ __, ] stuff for us to try.

Don't you worry if you're a fan of Jack, Daniel's number, seven and you're looking to Branch out a little bit just in general, I might have some Jack Jones from like 1955.

We might have to review at some point, yeah see and then compare that to this yeah yeah it'll be fun to see.

Well, they were trying to take it back.

That's right! Yeah! I've got a bunch of fun expressions with that.

You know, as I've been sitting around here for us to do fun stuff with hello, weaseline I've, just never open that could be fun, for us definitely could be um Weasley, it's like honest with my tail on the screen.

It's cool.

He says, where's, the bacon folks right all right.

This is this is not bad! No I like it it's good, but for the money, it's too expensive for me, but you know whatever same, but I mean it is very nice.

It definitely has got a famous name, so we got to add some dollars to it, yeah for sure I get it.

This one is all right, exactly don't forget to hit that like And subscribe button and click that notification Bell come hang out with us, live on Monday nights and check out our patreon for our behind the scenes fun and until next time, keep on crusading put a whiskey in your glass cheers.

Somebody again that's my problem with it being 160 dollars, yeah yeah, it's good! That's why I wouldn't pay for a full bottle.

I'm, like oh for a special deal, I'm like I'm, not paying that tomorrow.

Thank you.


Why is Sinatra Select so expensive? ›

What makes Sinatra Select Different? Let's get this out of the way – Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select costs so much because of the special packaging and the name recognition of Frank Sinatra. That's really it. Strip away those two things and what we're looking at is perhaps a $60 whiskey.

Is Sinatra Select discontinued? ›

100 cl, 45 % This product has been discontinued and will not be re-stocked.

What makes Sinatra Select different? ›

The bold, smooth qualities of the Sinatra Select come from the specially made Sinatra barrels in which part of the whiskey was aged. Deep grooves were cut into the staves of the casks, increasing the amount of exposure the whiskey had to the wood.

What is the difference between Jack Daniels and Jack Daniels Sinatra? ›

To the best of my knowledge, the main differences between the whiskeys, besides proof, are that Sinatra Select is aged in special grooved barrels for extra oak contact while Gentleman Jack is charcoal filtered a second time (the standard Old No. 7 is filtered only once).

How long is Sinatra Select aged? ›

It is a very fine whiskey." Surprisingly, Jack Daniel's reports they age this between four and five years. The refined taste must be due to the special barrels Mark, Patsy, and the rest of our tasting group discussed. Jack Daniel's ages this vintage in barrels that have deep grooves cut into the casks.

What percentage is Jack Daniels Sinatra? ›

Jack Daniel's "Sinatra Select" Whiskey 1.0L (45% Vol.)
BrandJack Daniel's
bar code5099873055533
ABV45% Vol.
Weight2.96 kg
Country of originUnited States
5 more rows

How many bottles of Sinatra Select were made? ›

As a limited edition marque, only 100 barrels of Jack Daniel's Sinatra Century were created and captured in individually numbered bottles making each as unique as the man to which it's attributed.

When did Jack Daniels release Sinatra Select? ›

Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select was introduced in 2013.

What whiskey did Frank Sinatra like? ›

If one small detail was wrong, everyone would know about it.” Those exacting standards extended to Ol' Blue Eyes' choice of whiskey. “Always Jack Daniel's on ice,” Gower says. Frank loved Jack and Jack loved Frank.

Why is Sinatra popular? ›

Frank Sinatra was one of the greatest vocalists of the 20th century, an artist of such uncommon talent that he was known simply as “The Voice.” Popular music's first true teen idol, Sinatra began his career making girls swoon and fronting big bands during the years of World War II.

Why is Sinatra great? ›

Luciano Pavarotti called Sinatra “a true bel canto singer". You can't get much higher praise than that. As a young man he wasn't a great singer, but he worked at it. His perfectionist nature and sheer hard work paid off, and his collaboration with Nelson Riddle produced a body of fine work.

Why is Sinatra famous? ›

What was Frank Sinatra famous for? Frank Sinatra was an American singer and motion picture actor and one of the most sought-after performers in the entertainment industry. He is considered by many to have been the greatest American singer of 20th-century popular music.

Which Jack Daniels whiskey is best? ›

The Top 10 Jack Daniels Flavors Ranked
  • Old No. source: jackdaniels.com. ...
  • Tennessee Rye. source: jackdaniels.com. ...
  • Tennessee Honey. source: jackdaniels.com. ...
  • Tennessee Fire. source: jackdaniels.com. ...
  • Gentleman Jack. source: jackdaniels.com. ...
  • Bonded. source: jackdaniels.com. ...
  • Sinatra Select. source: jackdaniels.com. ...
  • Winter Jack.
Nov 10, 2022

Which Jack Daniels is better? ›

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select is superior, but you're also paying about double for a significantly better experience. Jack Daniel's Single Barrel is richer, sweeter, and more complex in every way, bursting with brown sugar, cherry cola, chocolate, and honey, with enough malt and woody spice for balance.

Which whisky is better than Jack Daniels? ›

Two great alternatives to Jack Daniels are Evan Williams and Benchmark. Evan Williams is a cheaper whiskey that's bottled at a higher proof, giving it a more robust flavor than Jack Daniels. While it can be a bit warm on the palate, a drop of water can easily tame the heat and make it more approachable.

What whiskey is similar to Gentleman Jack? ›

Similar Items:
Jack Daniels Old #7 Black Label #26826Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey #86670
Ole Smoky Salty Watermelon Whiskey #86987Early Times 36 Mo Ky Str Bourbon #17826
Cedar Ridge Bourbon #17206Bulleit Bourbon #17086
George Dickel #12 #26656Four Roses Small Batch #18348
Elijah Craig #17916Evan Williams Black #17956
4 more rows

What does Jack Daniels Silver Select taste like? ›

Taste: Thick palate with sweetness and hint of spices. Sugar and vanilla notes, combined with some salt and wood. Finish: Lasts long with lots of spices kicking in.

What proof is Frank Sinatra Jack Daniels? ›

Aged in distinctively crafted barrels, Jack Daniel's Sinatra Century is one of the most limited Tennessee whiskeys ever released.

Is Jack Daniel's a bourbon? ›

While bourbon may reign supreme among American whiskeys, it's not the only whiskey made here. In fact, Jack Daniel's, the most popular whiskey brand in America, is not a bourbon but a Tennessee whiskey, and most of the classic American whiskey-based cocktails call for rye, not its sweeter cousin bourbon.

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