How to Download and Install Affinity Designer on Mac (for beginners) (2023)


How to Download and Install Affinity Designer on MacBook. An introduction to the design software i use on my channel for beginners and aspiring graphic designers.


Hi there today I'm going to walk you through how to download affinity products specifically affinity designer, since that's what we'll be using mostly on this tutorial on your mac book.

So first and first is um.

You need to be sure you need to be sure that your mac operating system is compatible with the recent affinity designer which is 1.9.3, and secondly, you also need to ensure that you have enough storage space to accommodate the application on your macbook.

For me, I use um.

I use a macbook pro early 2015 with a memory of 8 gig and a process of 2.7 gigahertz.

So let's go to the browser and search for affinity.

So when you search for affinity, you will find the different products used to find everything related to affinity, and here we go.

I use um safari as my browser and of late.

I have come to professor fari, but you would usually use chrome, but for some reasons best known to me, I decided to just go with safari and couple of the fact that I heard it's pretty faster now, unlike um some two years back and all of that we click on my browser, and usually I will do my search with a new private window and there you are- and it's saying private window enabled safari, will keep your browser history, private, okay, cancel and, let's search affinity, affinity designer search.

So usually what happens? Is you land on? I think the first search results would be directly on affinity designer and a couple of information about the product, and it's so funny that the first release for affinity designer is 2014 that's about six years ago and they are really really doing great stuff.

Right now I mean a whole lot of designers.

Let me speak for myself.

I intentionally had to do that.

Switch from um from using adobe creative cloud to the affinity series because affinity series, one is a one-time payment.

It's um affordable, especially for beginner designers, and it also its output, also meets an industry standards, and all of that I know that reason is because for adobe designer I really got tired of having to subscribe every other month and the sad thing is whether money comes in or not.

You just have to subscribe, and so what happens at the different times when you aren't working with it here, I'm aware you will have to you: can you can post subscription or something like that? But I really don't have that time to always go to post subscription.

I want to situation where, if I just want to use my my software or yeah my design tool, all I need to do just click and have it at the back of my mind that I have you know I have paid for that software one off and I don't have to pay and the fantastic thing about this is for every update.

You get every new update with your one-time payment, so it's done fantastic, so both for affinity, designer affinity, photos and publisher.

They are all wonderful, um, creative tools and aside that, if you have these three installed in your system, you also have an option to switch between these different softwares on your laptop on the go while doing work.

So that's just pretty amazing.

So let's go on and click on.

The first search result we found here and there you are it's telling us that this is the latest affinity, designer version, 1.9 yeah, russia.

One point I think I think I think it's particularly he's on fashion 1.9.3.

So this is what you do you get there.

You understand what the tools are all about.

It gives you more like an insight into what these tools are capable of doing in plain terms, and you either click to find out more.

You likely to find out more and you get to see amazing stuff being done with affinity designer.

So you go back you you choose to buy.

Now it comes with a 14-day money back guarantee.

So how amazing can that be you literally purchase? And after four before the end of 14 days? If you don't like what you see, you can definitely get your money back.

So I think this is an amazing offer.

You click on buy.

Now it takes you to that page where you get to choose what kind of laptop you use all kind of operating system.

You're running, that's running on your laptop! So for me, and for the purpose of this video.

It's a mac book, so uh I'll probably have to do another video you for the windows download, but I'm using the macbook and most of all, we'll be showing would be for mac users.

So pardon me windows, users, we'll have to do a separate video on that uh.

So there we go.

You have your mark.

You have options to see screenshots what the interface looks like and the capabilities of the software, the things it's able to do, and they are pretty much amazing, so you can literally click on free trial and when you click on that yeah takes you to the checkout.

You select your operating system.

You enter your email address, indicate if you're an existing customer.

You sign in you enter your account details which had already been stored.

You know at your first purchase and, and you get the downloads, so when you get the download all you need to do.

Is you do the normal installation on mac, like you usually install any dmg file yeah now this is one way to go about downloading the affinity designer software, however, there's something I noticed now, the second way which is to when you go to the mac app store.

When you go to the mac app store here, we are the markup store.

I've realized that when you download affinity designer on the mac, app store or any other affinity, product software's from the mac app store the information.

You have you you you don't the information you have does not automatically translate or reflect with the uh information you've created when you downloaded and bought it on the web say like on their page.

So I don't know how that happened, but I think affinity, um creators, uh the developers of this.

This um software should have a way to sync this, so that it should be such that you'll be able to recognize that the same affinity designer the same product I have downloaded on the mac app store.

You know the same person who downloaded these is the same person.

Who has that so there should be a way to you know sync, these two information.

So having said that, I would just search for affinity designer and boom.

We have it with that being said, this is what we're going for.

This is what we're going for, and we click install now mine is showing open, because I already have it installed on my mac, so you will click, install and allow it to and do the necessary authentication allow it to run.

Then after it has installed, you can now click open, so I just clicked open and when you click open, the first thing you will find is the interface and you have options to click on tutorials to help you better understand, affinity designer as a software.

Then you have design samples.

You can draw inspiration from all pool elements from and that's that, but this is just trying to sell other products to raw switch, which is not a bad idea, though, and you can choose not to show this at the next laptop as a startup panel so close, and this is what we have um for now.

We are just going to stop here and we have to do a separate video to get to understand these different, the different um sections on this interface uh.

I am not an affinity designer expert, I'm not an affinity ambassador, I'm just doing this video just to since, for the most part, this is the tool I'll be using for my various um designs that I'll be putting up I'll, be uploading on this channel.

So I think it's just ideal for me to show you the software I will be using and do a video around how I got to download it installed it and some of the things you get to expect when you, when you are um downloading and syncing your information, either on the on their website or through the mac app store.

So you know you're not caught unawares, so a different video will be done for the different sections.

Before we begin to dive deep into the things we can create in affinity designer.

So once again, they have no affinity that I have not paid me for.

Didn't pay me for this video I'm doing this out of my ovulation um to help my audience understand a little better, so part of what I'll also be doing in subsequent videos.

Around affinity designer would be to to as much as I can as much as I understand explain some of the tools, some of the sections on this interface and how I use them, and I think that captures it for this video.

So if you feel you've been thinking about affinity designer for a while now- and you think you need to make that switch man, it's it's an opportunity.

This is an opportunity for you, you've seen how I did it, there's an opportunity for you to actually visit their website or go through the mac, app store, install it and play around with it.

You have approximately 14 days, 14 days, free trial, to explore and see what you can do with the software during the pandemic.

They did if 90 days, free, try and that was really really um commendable.

I think this covers it for us.

Thank you.


Can I use Affinity Designer on Mac? ›

Available for Windows, macOS and iPad, the super-smooth, feature-packed app is the choice of thousands of professional illustrators, web designers, game developers and other creatives looking to create high-quality concept art, print projects, logos, icons, UI designs, mock-ups and more.

What do I need to run Affinity Designer? ›

  1. Windows-based PC (64 bit) with mouse or equivalent input device.
  2. Hardware GPU acceleration *
  3. DirectX 10-compatible graphics cards and above.
  4. 8GB RAM recommended.
  5. 1GB of available hard drive space; more during installation.
  6. 1280x768 display size or larger.

Is affinity design easy to use? ›

Affinity Designer is relatively easy to learn, so it won't take you much time to get used to it, especially if you have a background in graphic design. This Affinity Designer tutorial shows you how to understand the user interface, create a new document, play with colors, add text, and some other basic lessons.

How do I install Affinity Designer on Mac? ›

macOS installation and activation instructions (macOS 10.15 Catalina or later)
  1. Navigate to your Downloads folder.
  2. Locate the downloaded Affinity . dmg file and double-click it.
  3. On the dialog, drag the app icon to the Applications icon.

Does Affinity Designer have an app? ›

With Affinity's mobile app for iOS and Android, get all the benefits of Affinity when you're on the go.

Do I have to buy Affinity again for Mac? ›

As a private individual you can install Affinity apps on as many devices as you own which run the operating system you have purchased a licence for (of course in the case of a Universal Licence that means you can install on any iPads, Macs or Windows PCs you own).

Is Affinity Designer better than Illustrator Mac? ›

Here are the main differences between Affinity Designer and Illustrator: Affinity is more affordable, but Illustrator has a broader feature set and integration with other Adobe products. Designer has a modern, user-friendly interface, while Illustrator has a more complex learning curve.

Can Affinity Designer replace Photoshop? ›

Affinity Photo is probably the photo editing software that comes closest to being able to battle Photoshop in terms of functionality. To be honest, Affinity Photo lacks a few features, but most of these features are not even used by the majority of Photoshop users.

What is the difference between Affinity Designer 1 and 2? ›

What Does the Version 2 Upgrade Mean for Affinity Users? One notable part of the upgrade is that you can now buy all three Affinity products under one universal license. Previously, with Version 1, you could only buy and license individual programs.

Does Affinity Designer come with templates? ›

Affinity Designer allows you to create (export) and open document templates, which typically contain placeholder picture frames and text. Templates have a . aftemplate file extension.

What files are compatible with Affinity Designer? ›

Supported file types when manually uploaded
Feb 16, 2023

How long is Affinity Designer free trial? ›

Anyone who wants to use Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher on Mac or PC can do so free for 90 days with no obligation.

Do professionals use Affinity Designer? ›

Yes, some professional graphic designers use Affinity Designer, but they use it together with the Industry standard design software like Adobe and CorelDraw.

Is Affinity easier than Photoshop? ›

Affinity Photo vs Photoshop: Raw editing

Affinity Photo has fantastic tools for processing but bulk processing is tedious. In Photoshop, this isn't a problem thanks to a more intuitive workflow overall, although it is slightly more complicated to use.

Can I get Affinity Designer for free? ›

Affinity Designer Pricing

A free trial is available. Mac: $60.54 Windows: $60.54 iPad: $24.21 Licenses for businesses and educational institutions are also available on request.

Can you try Affinity Designer for free? ›

Seamlessly create stunning concept art, illustrations, architectural renders, logos, icons, mock-ups and more with Affinity Designer 2. Try the next generation of the award-winning vector graphics software today – for free!

How many computers can I install Affinity Designer on? ›

As a private individual you can install Affinity apps on as many devices as you own which run the operating system you have purchased a licence for (of course in the case of a Universal Licence that means you can install on any iPads, Macs or Windows PCs you own).

How do I import into Affinity? ›

Click List Options on the top-right corner, then click Import data. Make sure to read through all bullet points to ensure the data in your CSV file are formatted correctly, then click the checkbox to confirm you've reviewed your CSV file. Drag and drop or browse for a CSV file, then click Continue.

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