HOW TO AIM IRONS Correctly and Hit More Greens in Regulation! (GOLF SWING BASICS) (2023)


Learn how to aim your irons with this simple golf swing tip from Todd Kolb of USGolfTV!

If you feel like you make a good golf swing and still struggle with how to hit irons, you may just need to learn how to aim irons properly. So how do you aim irons for a better golf iron swing?

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The most important aspect is the club face, of all the golf tips from this video that is the most important one to remember. And if you start by aiming this before your body, you will learn how to hit irons straight, and you are bound to hit more greens in regulation!

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I guarantee you one of the reasons you're missing greens and regulation is because you simply are not aiming correctly, but today I'm going to share with you a simple process that can get you aimed and dialed in every single time.

I'm pga teaching professional todd kobe director of instruction for us golf tv and the sanford power golf academy, and let me show you probably what most of you are doing when you get set up to a golf ball that is causing problems and causing you to miss the green here's.

What happens? You got your golf bag here right, you set it down by your ball and you grab a club.

I grab my six iron right and this is what I see amateur golfers do all the time they grab a club out of their bag.

They kind of look at the hole a little bit.

They make a couple.

Practice swings right.

Most of you are pretty good about making a few practice swings, and then they just throw the club down there.

They kind of throw their feet down there.

They make a couple waggles all right and boom they swing and they hit a shot.

Now, maybe they make a good swing? Maybe they hit it? Solid ball doesn't hit the green.

What do you typically? Do? You start blaming your swing when the real problem is, you probably are off on your aim.

So what could you be doing? Well, let's walk through the process.

Here's the first thing you got to know the most important part with aiming is aiming this yeah this right here the club face.

This is what hits the golf ball your feet do not hit the golf ball.

Your hips do not hit the golf ball and your shoulders do not hit the golf ball.

The club hits the golf ball.

So the most important thing.

If you only take away one thing from this video, it is this aim the club face.

First, all right.

So let's talk about that.

So I got my six iron right here and what I'm going to do is I'm going to take it and I'm going to put it up here so that I can see it notice if you're looking at it from face on here.

I can see this leading edge all right and I'm going to make sure that the leading edge here is nice and up and down straight up and down, sometimes I'll, even close one of my eyes.

So I can really see the leading edge right there, all right and I'm going to go ahead and then I'm going to put my lead hand on there and I'll put my trail hand on there, and I create a nice straight line and I'm going to put the club face right behind the ball.

So it's nice and square and then here's the second key watch us from down the line I'm going to take my head and I'm going to rotate it this way.


Now this is a similar tip that I gave in some of our putting videos if you struggle with your punting aiming and putting is just as important as full swing check out some of those right, and if you haven't already hey subscribe to the channel man, we got great information coming out all of the time that can really help you play better golf.

Do yourself a favor check into us regularly, because you're going to help your golf game you're going to help you improve, so I've got the club face down there and I'm going to take my head and I'm going to rotate it this way now.

Why is that important? Because I'm creating straight lines right when my head rotates this way? I see straight lines when my head rotates like this.

Okay, I see lines horizontal this way.

I see lines right down my target line right, so that's the first thing that you're going to do get the club face up here, get it squared up right, set it behind there and then rotate your head down that way.

Now, let's talk about the feet, the hips and the shoulders, because those are also important now, when you're set up, you got the club face right up here: right, lead hand trail hand down there, okay notice, what I'm doing with my feet my feet are nice and close together all right now.

Why is that important? Well, because when my feet are close together, you'll see this from down the line.

I can see that they're, nice and straight I could tell if one foot was behind now that way you can see.

My right foot is definitely behind.

So when your feet are close together, it's very easy to see if they're on a nice square line and that's why, when I'm training inside, for example, you've seen me use this product quite a bit the rhymer here when I'm training inside or even outside, for that matter.

In essence, what I'm just practicing with my students, I put the rhymer down.

Why do I put that down because it's a straight line and it's a good reference point for my feet, my hips and my shoulders, of course- and it's really good for ball position and stuff like that right.

So it's pretty darn easy if you're looking for a reference point when you're practicing so back to the feet, when my feet are together now I've created a square line, a straight line: I've created a straight line right there.

I've brought it down, I'm creating a straight line with my visual with my head rotating now all I got to do is I've got to complete the process by simply moving my lead foot towards the target and moving my trail foot away from the target square club face square feet, square eye line swing it and I could tell right away that was already more straight and down the line there.

So, when we're practicing, if you're struggling like man, I'm hitting some solid shots, but this ball is left or it's right or whatever we're going to look at the club face right, look at the club face first.

This is the key to proper aim.

He builds your process around this.

Bring it up here in front of you all right, close one eye lead hand trail hand, get it straight up and down set it directly.

Behind the golf ball now square up your eyes, rotate them feet together, separate separate, maybe a couple waggles back through.

If you do this simple process, your aim will improve, as your aim improves you're, going to start hitting more greens and regulation.


HOW TO AIM IRONS Correctly and Hit More Greens in Regulation! (GOLF SWING BASICS)? ›

As outlined above, aim the face before building your stance. When you select something directly in front of your golf ball, it makes it much easier to aim the face square. Once you aim the club face, then build your stance around the face – not the other way around.

How do you aim iron shots in golf? ›

As outlined above, aim the face before building your stance. When you select something directly in front of your golf ball, it makes it much easier to aim the face square. Once you aim the club face, then build your stance around the face – not the other way around.

How do you hit more greens in regulation? ›

Improve your driving: You'll never hit many greens if you're often in the rough, the trees or so far back in the fairway that you're hitting a hybrid or wood. More accurate driving will automatically improve your GIR numbers; longer tee shots help, too, by putting a shorter club in your hand for the approach.

How do you aim in golf for beginners? ›

If you stand directly behind your golf ball, you'll be able to pick a spot on the ground within a couple of feet of your ball but in line with your target, and focus on aiming the clubface at that. This can be particularly helpful when you have hazards in your way, where your aim needs to be more exact.

How do you align and aim in golf? ›

There are 3 key elements you should be mindful of in order to correctly align both your body and your golf shot.
  1. Aim the club face so it's facing down your intended target line.
  2. Make sure your feet are aligned to the line also.
  3. Check that your shoulders are not closed, but slightly open or even square to the line.
Aug 10, 2022

Where do you stand when hitting an 8 iron? ›

Short irons (wedges, 9-iron and 8-iron) should be played with a ball position in the center portion of your stance. Because of their upright lie angles, you should always hit the ball first, then the ground, producing a fairly deep divot.

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